The future is Fairtual (and 100% coronaproof)!

Few sectors have taken such a beating in recent months as the trade fair and events sector. That this high need also creates opportunities is proven by a number of particularly successful virtual fairs organised by the young startup Fairtual Technologies. These are uncertain times for trade fair organisations. The ever-changing circumstances prevent them from […]

Why virtual fairs are here to stay

Have you cancelled your event in 2020? Did you postpone it to 2021? Or did you, like many of our customers, take the natural step to a virtual event? This year, many organisations have adapted to the new normal. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced organisers of trade shows and other events to step out of […]

The future of virtual events

Virtual events have been around for years, but because of the pandemic, countless companies have adapted to a new norm and switched their planned events to virtual platforms. But with the end of the year and the pandemic in sight, we ask ourselves: what will virtual events look like in the years to come? That […]

The benefits of hybrid events

For only a handful of sectors is the crisis not a curse but a blessing. Just look at the makers of mouth masks, disinfectant gel and toilet paper. However, with the roll-out of the vaccine, it looks like these sectors will return to their status quo. Yet there is one sector whose explosive growth cannot […]

Event technology has become an “absolute necessity”

Event technology is an “absolute necessity” to satisfy today’s B2B marketers. Trade show organisers need to explore how technology and data can deliver maximum return on investment (ROI), otherwise they risk falling behind. Covid-19 has forced everyone to realise that technology – whether rented or owned – is an absolute necessity. Trade show organisers cannot […]

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